About ftServer® System Self-Study Courses

Stratus worldwide Education announces the availability of electronic training courses for the ftServer systems. These customer courses have been designed to address both the technical and business needs of Stratus® ftServer® system customers. The courses have been created in a self-study format to allow more flexibility on the part of the students. They have also been created in a modular fashion to provide the ability for the students to upgrade their knowledge without having to retake material that they have already learned.

As self-study courses, students will be able to take the courses without having to travel to a training center and taking time away from other priorities. On-line web based training courses can be taken at the students place of business or even at their home. The students set the pace of learning based on their experience and previous training. They can go back and repeat lessons or parts of lessons where they feel the need. Most courses contain lab exercises for the student to do on equipment that is available to them. Where applicable, simulations are provided as part of the course to assist in the learning process. Quizzes and a final exam are provided to help the student judge how well he/she learned the material while still in a learning environment.

From a business viewpoint, the implementation of self-study training addresses the financial and resource issues of customers. Self-study can be taken without the employees incurring travel and living expenses. Time away from work to learn can be segmented to meet the customer's business needs while still providing for employee learning.

Modular Design
Courses have been designed in a modular fashion to facilitate the students taking what they need when they need it. Students can take different segments of the overall system training as they need it. This provides both the students and their management the flexibility necessary in today's technical and business world.

On-Line Assistance for Students
Even with the best designed course, students have questions that need to be answered to facilitate the learning. Many of these questions can not be anticipated and covered in the course material. The Stratus ftServer system self-study courses provide the students a mentor program that addresses this need. The mentors consist of Instructors, course developers and Service support personnel with experience on the product being learned. All questions may be submitted directly from within the course or through separate email.

Questions also arise for things such as "I forgot my password" or "how do I get a certificate of completion". Assistance is available for those needing help with these and other administrative or operational issues with self-study courses. This assistance is handled by a special team of Education specialists who will be able to answer questions over email. As with the mentor program, the student can send email from within the course or separately with their own email. A phone number is provided as well for those students that are not connected to the Internet.

All of the student contact methods are included within the course. Administrative assistance contacts are listed in hard-copy fashion as well as within the courses.

Student Records
Records for students taking Stratus Education courses are kept on-line for the benefit of the students. This includes both self-study as well as classroom training. When a student enrolls in a course, they are provided with a student id and a password. All students may use this login and password to access their history.

Final exam results are stored in a student's history. Final exam grades for self-study courses are automatically sent to the Stratus Education Center if the student is on-line and accessible to the Internet. Certificates of Completion will be mailed to students that successfully complete a course and receive a passing grade on the final exam.

Ordering Process
The ordering process has been simplified with all of the Stratus Education courses. The Stratus Education Web site is the normal method for enrolling in courses. Students and managers can view the various types of courses along with their descriptions and decide upon the best courses to take and how to take them.

Web Based Training course access will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. To facilitate payment, Stratus accepts most major credit cards as well as company checks and purchase orders. All charges for shipping and handling are included in the cost of the courses.

For questions on this training, contact your local Stratus Service Representative or the Education Registrar (1-800-634-2122 or 978-461-7100, or via email at registrar@stratus.com).