OpenVOS Fundamentals (303)


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Course Type: Instructor Led
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Course Description

In the OpenVOS Fundamentals Course, you learn the skills necessary to manage your Stratus user environment. It is designed for those who have no prior OpenVOS experience. You learn the user interface and become familiar with commonly-used commands. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on experience, you acquire the knowledge that every OpenVOS user needs. The skills you acquire in this course are the first step toward mastering the Stratus environment. You are introduced to the OpenVOS Full-Screen Editor. You have an opportunity for hands-on experience creating, editing and moving through text files within the Editor.

Major Topics:

  • Basic commands
  • Standard and customized abbreviations
  • Directory structure
  • Security for files and directories
  • Non-interactive processes
  • Command macros
  • Creating files and editing files
  • Defining multiple buffers
  • Defining multiple windows
  • Editor time saving techniques


  • This course should be taken by anyone new to OpenVOS. It is a prerequisite for most OpenVOS courses.


  • Experience using command line interface