Stratus 99.999 Certified Professionals Program

Designed for Stratus Employees, Customers, and Business Partners. There are three certification tracks - ftServer® Series Windows, Linux and VMware.

Participant Benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Provide a competitive edge on planning, implementing, supporting, and monitoring Stratus technology-based continuous availability solutions
  • Improve productivity by building your installation, configuration, integration, and troubleshooting skills
  • Gain additional insight and credibility on Stratus servers, systems management, and service capabilities
  • Keep pace with changing technology
  • Receive recognition of technical achievement

The Stratus 99.999 Certified Professionals Program is a global certification program available to employees of Stratus, Customers and Business Partners. Successful completion of the program validates technical knowledge in implementing and supporting continuously available Stratus-based solutions.

The objective of the program is to effectively set and validate high standards of excellence in the support of Stratus solutions by using certification testing to measure skills, experience, and the degree of specialized knowledge candidates have gained. The requirements for certification are consistent worldwide for employees of Stratus customers and business partners.

Technical Certification Achievement

Appropriate Candidates

Stratus 99.999 Certified Professional

This path is for technical professionals who design, install, administrate and support Stratus technology-based continuous availability solutions

Eligibility Requirements

Employees of Stratus Customers and Business Partners, who configure, implement, manage, monitor, and provide technical training in the support of Stratus technology-based solutions are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Stratus 99.999 Certified Professionals Program. Stratus in its sole discretion reserves the right to approve/disapprove the admission of all applicants to the Program.

Key Deliverables

  • Industry recognition acknowledges your expertise in working with Stratus' technologies and solutions
  • Logos and a certificate identifying you as a Stratus 99.999 Certified Professional
  • Membership in an elite community of continuous availability certified solutions professionals

Technical Certification Requirements

Stratus 99.999 Certified Professional candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the Hardware Overview training course AND the System Installation training course relevant to the applicant's hardware platform and operating system:
    • Complete the system administration training course relevant to the applicant's hardware platform:
  • Complete the following course(s):
    • ftServer System Disk Management (Required for Windows Track Certification)
    • ftScalable Storage Disk Management (Optional for Linux Track and Windows Track Certification)
  • Candidates must pass the certification test for each course with a score of 80% or better
  • Agree to attend the annual Continuous Availability Summit (or comparable regional technical training conference) to update his or her technical skills on the most recent Stratus technology

How to Become Certified Through the Program

  • Submit an application to enroll in the Certification program.
    Stratus 99.999 Certified Professionals Application Form.
  • Receive application approval by Stratus.
  • Purchase and register for Stratus training courses.
  • Complete all courses and exams required for a specific certification level.
  • Candidates must pass each certification test with a score of 80% or better.
  • Submit test results to the Stratus Technical Education Center.

As a Stratus 99.999 Certified Professional, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement, as well as the certification logo for use on your company business card or for your company’s use in promoting your Stratus 99.999 expertise in connection with the promotion, sale, or servicing of Stratus based solutions.

All uses of the Stratus certification logo and any other allowed Stratus trademarks must be approved by Stratus in advance.

Your status as a Stratus 99.999 Certified Professional is provided to you personally, and only in your capacity as an employee of the Sponsoring Company. Accordingly at such time as you are no longer employed by the Sponsoring Company or no longer perform the duties specified in Eligible Requirements above, your right and your company’s right to, use of the logo and all other rights associated with the certification you receive shall terminate immediately.

Ongoing Certification Requirements

As our technology evolves, Stratus 99.999 Certified Professionals can be assured that their skill levels will keep pace. Stratus’ flexible set of ongoing regional training programs will allow Stratus 99.999 Certified Professionals to maintain their certification by continuing to develop and grow their base of Stratus 99.999 capabilities*.

Technical Visibility

Stratus 99.999 Professionals will receive mailings from the Stratus 99.999 Certified Professionals Program.

Stratus reserves the right to revoke certification status and associated benefits if a Stratus 99.999 Certified Professional fails to meet ongoing certification training requirements. A Stratus 99.999 Certified Professional employed by a Stratus business partner may put his or her organization at risk of losing valuable marketing incentive funds.

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