everRun Enterprise Certification Programs

To obtain a certification, you must pass each course exam with a grade of 80% or better. Courses marked with * are required.

Stratus Pre-Sales Professional (SPP) for everRun Enterprise

  • WBSRA0001* Stratus Corporate Overview
  • WBEE0004* everRun Technical Overview
  • WBEE0005* everRun Site Preparation and Installation
  • WBEE0006* everRun System Administration Web Based Training
  • WBEE0007* everRun SplitSite Planning and Installation

Stratus Certified Implementation Specialist (SCIS) for everRun Enterprise

  • ILTEE01* everRun Site Preparation, Installation, and System Administration

Stratus Certified Support Specialist (SCSS) for everRun

  • ILTEE02* everRun Service Provider Essentials and Advanced Topics