Course Pricing (Education Center, On-Site and Custom Training)

Courses taught at Stratus Education Centers:

Course prices will be the standard prices in effect on the start date of the class for which Stratus accepts a training order. Course prices include instruction and use of materials and equipment during the class. Prices do not include travel or living expenses for the student.

Self-Study Courses:

Course price will be the standard price listed on the course description pages.

On-Site Standard Courses:

Our technical instructors can deliver training to your site. Our recent On-Site Pricing modifications could make an on-site an attractive alternative to costly travel expenses for multiple people to attend training. At one time the pricing structure made an on-site most feasible for a customer with ten or more people to train. Our current pricing structure will make training at "home" cost-effective for fewer students. Please call 800-634-2122 or Email the Education Manager to discuss any on-site training needs.

Custom Training:

Stratus Education can put together a customized training program where You determine the content and duration of technical training appropriate for your needs. We can manipulate course topics to configure a curriculum tailored to your unique specifications for content, time and budget. You may choose the standard instructor-led lecture-lab training environment or a more informal round-table question-answer session, conducted at your site or one of our Training Centers. Please call 800-634-2122 or Email the Education Manager to discuss your particular training requirements and lets us help you to rapidly optimize your investment in Stratus.