Terms & Conditions

Stratus will provide classroom / self-study instruction for the course / courses requested on the order form. Instructor-led locations and dates are subject to to confirmation by Stratus.

All Technical Information provided is Proprietary and Confidential Information of Stratus. The Course Attendee agrees that the technical information, documentation, computer programs, and related course material provided during attendance at any and all Stratus Education classes or training sessions are intended only for the use of supporting Stratus products which attendee's company has:

- purchased directly

- obtained from an authorized Stratus distributor

- agreed with Stratus in writing to maintain and support

Stratus does not permit audio or video recording of classes, nor the taking of photographs within the Education Center. Any evaluation of a student's performance provided by Stratus will be based only on Stratus' judgement of achievement of course objectives as established by Stratus. Stratus assumes no responsibility for student performance after class attendance.

Stratus Education classes are not meant to be opportunities for acquiring new business or personnel. Such use of Stratus classes may result in the participant being asked to leave the class.

Self-Study courses are intended for single-users only, regardless of whether the individual is actively using the product at any given time. This product is not transferable.